Principal Investigators

Omid V. Ebrahimi

Principal Investigator (PI)

Sverre Urnes Johnson

Principal Investigator (CO-PI)

The Principal Investigators of the CIPA study are Omid V. Ebrahimi and Sverre Urnes Johnson. 

The investigators are affiliated with the University of Oxford, University of Oslo, and Modum Bad Psychiatric Hospital, and have recently undertaken another large-scale population study investigating mental health trajectories during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The researchers regularly disseminate their findings across national, regional and local media platforms to make them accessible to the general population.

The findings derived from the CIPA study, along with any media disseminations, will be made available on the study's website upon the publication of the results and their preparation for public dissemination.

Project Group

Omid V. Ebrahimi

Licensed Clinical Psychologist
Senior Researcher

Sverre Urnes Johnson

Specialist in Clinical Psychology

Marieke A. Helmich

Postdoctoral Researcher

Asle Hoffart

Specialist in Clinical Psychology
Emeritus Professor


The CIPA Study involves a collaboration between leading researchers in psychiatric epidemiology and the dynamical systems field at the University of Oxford, University of Amsterdam, National University of Singapore, KU Leuven, Modum Bad Psychiatric Hospital, and the University of Oslo.